Mode of Payment For Human Touch

Please select the photograph, check the amount mentioned below it and donate the same amount to a Covid Relief fundraiser of your choice, on Ketto or Impact Guru. Please bear in mind that we are not associated with either of these platforms or any of the charities on them. This is not a fundraiser for any organisation in particular. We do not accept any donations, so please refrain from sending us either cash or kind, for this cause. Send us a receipt for the amount, with your deets ( name, address and phone number) and we will ship you the photograph as per your convenience.

Incase you donate to Ketto, the acknowledgement of receipt will be sent on your phone and it will look like the one below or it can be downloaded from their website.

Receipt on whattsapp
Downloaded from the site

In case you donate to Impact Guru, please send us a receipt that looks like the one below. We will not be able to cross check the payment made on this platform, so do send us the acknowledgement.

Impact Guru’s Acknowledgement Receipt