9-7-17- Tum he pata he meri ma kaun he?

A month and many kilometres later ( 6600 approx), I reached Kanyakumari, today. It was the way I like my cities to be, when I leave or enter them…pitch dark. The ambiguity of the darkness makes everything look more beautiful.

As I rode my white horse to the promised land…I galloped with a vision of a beautiful woman, in Kashmir with her children. Oh what a scandal that was! I see her driving through the streets of Delhi, racing with some random strangers. I recall the boys showing her a thumbs up. As I drive past and men stick their thumbs up for me when they see all the bumper stickers,  I find myself thinking, like Mother…like Daughter.

This one was dedicated to you my future daughter. When men ask you why you’re unafraid to follow yout heart,  someday you can may steal my answer -‘Tum he pata he meri Ma kaun he?’. I hope someday I am deserving of that.